Goal Setting - Part 2

What if this year, or anytime, your only goal was to have a deeper connection with yourself?

No goals about monetizing your every move. No goals about shedding 15 pounds. No goals about doing more with friends.

What if your only, single goal was to feel a deep connection with yourself?

Your truest self. What would happen?

We are pretty conditioned to strive. To reach. To excel. I don’t find this inherently negative, though the constant reach can be exhausting. So what does a year look like when the goal is to just be connected to your self? How the heck do you even do that?

A starting point is to consider when you feel most comfortable and connected to yourself. What are you doing, who are you with, where are you, how do you feel. Let go of ideas and stories about how that connection is supposed to look. You may be surprised about the times you feel most connected. Soak into that feeling. Get out of your head and into your core.

Rest there.

A year where the only goal is connection with self. That’s how I’m approaching 2019. This doesn’t detract from the super high energy I love about a new year, not at all. It also doesn’t mean I won’t do anything. I put words on paper for 2019 goals and they all still have meaning for me. But they won’t be a focus. Deep, meaningful connection with self, and ultimately with those around me—that will be my focus and where my attention and resulting energy lies. Because it’s when I’m with my people, my husband and our kids, that I feel the deepest connection to my truest self. It’s a lovely place to be.

goalsJulie Tobi