Three Tips to Give Yourself Permission to Pivot

I ran my first business for four years. About a year in, I added a brand new service that got me really stinkin’ excited. I was productive, bringing in money, creating a business of my very own from scratch, learning, growing, making mistakes, recovering and learning again. I loved it. Until I didn’t. Four years into that lovely business I pored over in so many ways (mentally, physically, and with financial investment) I closed it.

listen to yourself

Lots of people told me I shouldn’t close. I heard things like, “Are you sure? You’ve worked so hard to get where you are” and “Keep it open and contract out the work, it would be easy money!” and “Oh, I’m sorry.” But the thing was, I wasn’t sorry at all! The business no longer lit me up. What it did was take away energy and time from my growing family. I valued the work very much, but it was time to move on, pivot, pass the baton. Close.

let go of what other people think

I had a few moments of wondering what others would think of me closing. Would industry peers think I couldn’t hack the long hours anymore? Ultimately, I knew that IT DIDN’T MATTER. At all. It didn’t matter one ounce what anyone else thought about me closing. It was my business, my time, my family, my life. And so, with JOY, I closed my business.

Closing was not a failure. I actually closed on a high! Instead, closing was me being true to myself and my family and, importantly, it created space for the work I was really, truly excited to do. Closing created space, beautiful space to fill with work or to hold my babies.

give yourself permission

I wanted to pivot and I didn’t wait for anyone else to give me permission to do so. I pivoted because I wanted to. Are you wanting to pivot, either entirely or within your industry? Maybe you want to add a service to your business that is outside the box in your industry. Maybe you want to close your business, too! Maybe you want to pivot in your creative and personal endeavors. Do it! You don’t need anyone’s permission, but if you’re looking for a smidge of it, I’ve just given it to you. Permission to make the changes that your truest self knows it’s time to make. I’m sitting here smiling for you, as you gather the courage and inspiration to pivot. Give yourself permission to pivot…