Goal Setting - Part 1

It’s always around early to mid November that I start thinking about goals for the new year. Some people say there’s nothing special/magical/powerful about a new year when it comes to goal setting. While I do totally agree that you can set big goals and change your reality any month, I absolutely DO think there’s something magical about a new year. There is so much energy with that marker in time, I say roll with it. So whenever you’re reading this, take advantage of the energy around you and make some plans!

This year I’m sharing with you my goal setting process. I say “process” lightly, because it’s very fluid and has few rules. I don’t set a timeline for my personal goal setting, I simply give it some mental space every day, and get some of it on paper. For my clients wanting more structure around their goal setting, I structure it up for them.

The “Process”

Today I got started by writing “2019 Goals” on the top of paper in the back of my planner. Then I sat with my pencil in my hand and paused, breathed, looked out my window. None of this was a deliberate thought, I was just settling into myself. Next, I wrote how I want to feel in 2019: happy, connected (mostly to myself, Nate and the kids, followed by friends and family), and relaxed. Then I wrote, quite succinctly, what I plan to do in 2019. Pause here for a sec. When I say, “What do you want to do in 2019?” What comes to mind? Give yourself permission to have it be whatever comes to you. My top two things I want to do in 2019 are maintain a thriving coaching business (I love this work!) and be there for my kids, both physically with my time and also with my mindful presence.

And then, because it was on my mind, I wrote that I want to start sleeping in actual pajamas rather than old shirts I no longer wear out of the house. Not exactly a goal, but, I want some legit pajamas.

Those few things I jotted down primed the pump for ideas to flow a bit. I made a bullet list written in pencil of a few concrete goals that came to mind. Then I put my pencil down, closed my planner, and am letting those thoughts and ideas linger in my mind and core without a lot of thought.

And that’s the start of my goal setting for 2019!

goalsJulie Tobi