Three Steps to Live From Here: Connected and Aligned

Everything you need is right here... in this space. It’s a bit meditative, a bit sinking into yourself. Place your hand or both hands on the midline of your chest. You'll feel your heart and your breath.

Here. this space.

It's where you can find connection with who you are, your groundedness in what matters. It's easy, really easy, to get away from this space in our current world. Work and technology move quickly. Retail reminds us of the next season before we're midway through the current season. Social media is changing our brains and our addiction to rapid-fire information. It's a lot and it's constant.

For most of us, it takes work to get away from the peripheral static and to stay living in this space within us.

This space is not what you do or where you live. It's not the roles you occupy, even if they're roles you love. It's not your career. Or your house. Or the people you know. This space is you.

You may be totally on board with what I'm saying and are nodding along. You may be intrigued and want to connect with that space. You may be reading along to humor me. Wherever you land, give these few tricks a try to live from here. This can be a daily practice or something you call on when life is feeling a bit much. Make it yours.


Ground into this space by envisioning all of your energy being pulled back into you, straight into that space of heart and breath. Pull back all the bits of yourself that have gotten away from you. Close your eyes, give it a try.


Breathe into the space. The good deep kind with your eyes closed. You'll know you've breathed into this space long enough when you don't want to stop. If you're feeling agitated and want to open your eyes, you need some more breaths.

I am ok

You're ok always. Sometimes when we're stressed or in the midst of change, our default is to say "I'll be ok." The subtle shift of saying "I am ok" will lead you back to being grounded in yourself and the space of living from here.

connectionJulie Tobi