One-on-one sessions

The primary goal of our sessions is for me to guide you through your internal process of connecting with yourself. We’ll do this through mindset shifts, letting go of the stories holding you back, and connecting with the “why” behind your thoughts and actions so you can more comfortably take steps in the direction that feels right in your bones. I help you connect to your true core and support you in making decisions from that space.

Sessions are 50 minutes. While based in Michigan sessions are done via video chat so we can work together wherever you land.


You’ll start by saying hi and filling out my contact form found here. Next, I’ll send you an email and we’ll schedule a 15-minute chat to make sure what I offer and what you’re looking for in a coaching relationship are a fit. If it’s a go, we’ll take care of the necessary administrative bits and payment then we’ll schedule your first session and get started! I recommend a minimum of 5 sessions spaced over a 5-6 week period. Together we’ll determine the number of sessions that’s the best fit for you and what changes you’re looking to make.

I have to share, that magical things can happen with coaching. But, coaching is not magic. There will be things for you to do during and between sessions for changes to start to take shape. 50 minutes/week of coaching sessions alone is never enough.


It’s super important for me to note that, while I have a master’s degree in counseling which guides my work and skill-set, the work we do together is not therapy or mental health counseling. This work is also not business advice or strategy (e.g., I won’t be telling you marketing strategies, where to find contract templates, or the like.)