You’re on the cusp of change…

…maybe even something big and magical. What you know for sure is you don’t want that “on the cusp” feeling to slip away. You want to move through your current spot and come through brighter, inspired, and more fulfilled. I help you identify and let go of stories holding you back. Fear, doubt, wondering what others think, lack of clarity - these can pop up with growth and change and we’ll work through it and connect with your truest self—it’s a sweet space to find and live from.

power sessions

A 90-minute power session is great for seeking general clarity or working through a specific issue or change. The topic(s) we cover is up to you, though some examples include exploring a career pivot, vision- or goal-setting, starting the journey of greater connection with self, or anything you’re feeling resistance around. Power sessions are best for people who are able to open up pretty quickly as the format is a one-time session.



One month coaching includes weekly 50-minute sessions for four weeks, followed by a check-in session one month later. In these five sessions we’ll get into aspects of self such as your why + vision, growth and shifts you want to make, connecting with your truest self, identifying and letting go of the stories holding you back. The specifics of each session are tailored to you, based on what you’re working through in the present moment.


six month coaching

Six month coaching includes 14 50-minute sessions over six months, followed by a check-in session one month later. The same approach is taken here as the one month coaching, with the benefit of increased time and space for a deeper dive into self and growth. There’s time to incorporate and assess changes, lasting routines and rituals, setting + meeting goals.


Julie, our power session was literally POWERFUL! It pumped me up for what’s to come, so excited!
— Fatima Bazzi-Fawaz, florist
My session with Julie was beyond life changing... she helped me through my thoughts with valid solutions.”
— Alora Rachelle, photographer