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I offer one-on-one virtual coaching and custom workshops. My clients are current and aspiring entrepreneurs, photographers, florists, authors, designers and artists who are on the cusp of change and it’s a magical place to be. They appreciate a good list and action plan as much as the power of good energy, trusting themselves and throwing some faith into the universe. All sessions are conducted via video chat so you can stay cozy in your own space.


 It starts by connecting with what matters and making mindset shifts to support your ideal career and life


benefits abound. here are the top three…

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mindset shifts

You can have all the desires for your career and life, but if your mindset is tripping you up, you’ll never get there. We’ll break down your resistance so you can start to implement.

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I’ll help you figure out and verbalize what it is you actually want, deep down in your bones. The clarity that can come through coaching is liberating, exciting, and inspires action.

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We’ll identify your next steps so your pivot is more than an idea. I’ll encourage and support you as we put into place the steps that a positive mindset, clarity, and connection with self have led you to.



one-month coaching -$995

You can absolutely have career and life fulfillment and love how you spend your days. If you're here, I'm guessing you’re not totally in that space. Change can feel scary. A pivot can feel risky. But what about the risk of staying in the same ol' thing? We'll breakdown what's holding you back, explore the work you want to pivot into and why, and make some plans. I'll help you connect with what you truly want to be doing and unapologetically go after it. Sessions are 50-minutes, conducted via video chat, and occur weekly for 4 weeks with a bonus check-in one month later.

90-minute session - $387

90-minute sessions give you the space to dive right in. We cover whatever career-related topics are on your mind. Typically going deep on 2-3 areas of resistance, mindset shifts, strategies, whatever you've got, you come through on the other side of the session with a sense of clarity, relief, and next moves. These sessions work best if you're comfortable opening right up to someone and are ready to bring it. Sessions are conducted remotely via video chat. Most often these are one-time sessions, though you can add-on additional coaching if you’d like.


custom workshops + speaking engagements

I love the connection and energy of speaking with people in the flesh and creating custom workshops is my thing. From a yoga studio full of moms trying to find balance, to a weekend retreat focused on creativity and movement, to a webinar for entrepreneurs wanting to re-connect with the soul of their business, I’ve got you covered. I've become a bit of a whiz at creating workshops and presentations that speak to the needs of your group. Send me an email and let me know about your event.