How to Maintain the Good Feelings

I get that feeling when I'm on the water. Whether it's Lake Michigan or the Pacific Ocean, I get that feeling. It's part calm + ease, part excitement + assuredness, and absolutely like anything is possible. There's just something about that water. 

I attribute some of the good feeling to the expansiveness of it; not being able to see the other side of the lake or ocean and seeing just water for miles and miles. It's also the sand under my feet. There's nothin' quite like feeling the earth between your toes. And all of it is just so darn beautiful.  

Being on the water feels a bit like home. Comfortable. Inspired. At peace. Happy. Small, yet boundless.

Do you know the feeling? 

What makes you feel that way? Maybe it's water for you, too. Or mountains, or motivational speakers, or amazing conferences. Maybe it was that time you vacationed in Bali. However you get it, that feeling is incredible isn't it?! The tricky thing to do is keep that feeling so so present in the every day when not at the water or mountains. 

How do you feel boundless while sitting on the couch or walking through your neighborhood?

Identify the good feeling you're after, recognize the bits and pieces of your day-to-day standing in the way of getting to that feeling, change/shift/re-frame those bits and pieces. Repeat as needed.

Sounds easy peasy. It can be. It can also take a bit of digging, exploring, and talking it through. Here are a couple examples to get you going...

I've got my water feeling pretty nailed down with words like ease, inspired and boundless. (You may need to visualize, journal and/or talk it out to get to your words.)

I sometimes think I need "more time" for journaling/meditation/etc to be in a good head space. (This is the story getting in my way.)

The reality, and practice, is that I can journal quite a bit in the three minutes it takes for my pour-over coffee to be done each morning. Voila, three minutes of journaling done. (I shifted my perspective on having to wait for my coffee, to it being dedicated journaling time.)

We're just scratching the surface here, but it can get you started for sure.

Get back to that good "on the water" feeling. It's a sweet place to be. 

*This post was inspired by my coaching sessions at Freeing Creativity Retreat, a beautiful + inspiring retreat experience created by Stephanie Williams and Brittany Zeller-Holland. The cover image is courtesy of the Freeing Creativity experience.

Julie Tobi