Tapping Into Our True Self with Journaling Prompts

In the personal development and coaching world (or via the slogans on coffee mugs and t-shirts) we're constantly hearing things like Let your true self shine. Be you. Show up as your authentic self. Find your voice. These phrases are totally cliche, but cringe, really super great messaging. Why on earth be any other way than ourselves? Right? I think we're all on board with the sentiment. But what if you don't know who the heck you are? Like really and truly in your core. 

We are constantly digesting and absorbing other people's thoughts. We embody phrases because, after hearing them enough and finding a common thread, we start to mold to them. Think about the "hustle harder" mentality. For many, though not all, entrepreneurs and professionals value busy and hustle. They feel they're supposed to, it becomes a badge to flash around. Similarly, cutely scripted t's will have you thinking all moms need wine to survive the evening with their kids. Hustle is great, if that's your thing. Have a glass of vino with dinner if you're feelin' it. What gets tricky is trying to decipher if it's really your thing or you think it's supposed to be your thing.

So, back to what to do if you don't know who, what or how your true self is. I've got a few prompts to get you thinking about it. Grab a pen and your journal and, without too much internal processing before your pen hits the page, journal the answers to these questions...

  • I feel most like myself when I'm ____________.

  • I feel most like myself when I'm with the following people ______________.

  • I am unapologetic in my beliefs about _____________.

  • The last time I felt most alive and energized I was __________.

  • I will always, forever wave a flag for _______ because ________________.

  • This I know to be true ________________.

That last question comes from Oprah and I love it. This I know to be true. Wowza. I ask myself that almost every day. It's a good one.

What comes up for you in answering these questions? They should get your wheels turning and shed some light on tapping into your true self. Your truest self.