What if You Started Today?

Think about that goal or dream that's been on your mind for oh, a couple years or so. Maybe it hasn't been a couple years... maybe it's been TEN years or just a couple weeks. Think about that dream again. Really. Think for a sec.

Is it a business idea? Something you've wanted to learn? A memoir you've wanted to write? I've had those goals and dreams myself. Things I've been striving for in my imagination, but not taking actual action towards. Sometimes the timing really wasn't right. Other times I was waiting for the stars to align just so to take action.

So back to that goal or dream of yours. What if you started today?

What would that look like? Maybe it's jotting down some notes to refine the dream. Maybe it's going for a walk and focusing on how you would feeeeeel working toward and living that goal or dream. Maybe you (gasp) say it out loud to your partner or best friend.

One tiny step. It may be all the momentum you need to put that baby of a dream into reality.

Julie Tobi