Julie, our session was literally powerful! It pumped me up for what’s to come, so excited!
— Fatima Bazzi-Fawaz, Florist

Power sessions have their name due to their length (90 minutes) and their impact. I love them! The sessions create space for you to dive into a topic, or several, that you’d like to work through and get clarity on. A 90-minute session to dive right into a topic of your choosing Lastly, you’ve got to be ready to be open with me, share, share, share, and be ready to do the work together. I can’t be helpful, which I so want to be!, if I’m in the session solo!

why power sessions

Power sessions are great What we cover is ultimately up to you, but it can include things like…

  • Exploring + identifying your goals

  • The why behind your goals

  • The feeling you’re after in achieving your goals

  • Addressing any fear/resistance/doubts your goals bring up in you

  • Changes you’d like to make in the coming year

  • Talking through any stories and mindset junk that may be holding you back

format + DETAILS

Here’s the format…

  • Power sessions are 90 minutes long

  • Power sessions are meant to be a one-time thing for you. (Though you can always add on future 50-minute sessions to continue this work with me.)

  • We’ll meet via video chat, either Skype or Zoom

  • You’ll be ready to jump right in and talk with me!

  • The investment is $378 per 90-minute session.

If you skimmed the top section, please give it a read! If you’re ready to sign-up for a 90-minute Goal-Focused Power Session (yay!), head here to select a date and time (limited number of sessions in December!) You’ll receive an invoice for full payment due within 24 hours to hold your session. Questions? Fill out the contact form here and I’ll be in touch soon. Looking forward to working with you!